43+ Modern Crochet Bikini and Swimwear Pattern Ideas for Summer 2019

Crocheted bikinis!


What I love most about building bikinis (and the tops of cultures), is the versatility they can be! You can easily add your own accents to this simple bikini. Laces, colored thread, beads, etc. Feel free to add more lines in the front area, to create a high or no less revealing at all, for a classic top look.
Today we are going to work this simple bikini top! I recommend the use of a cotton yarn, when modifying a project that can get wet (eg, as tea towels) because cotton is an extremely breathable fiber permeable to the air.

Although some are not the best option to wear in the water, you will definitely look absolutely gorgeous in your bikini.

Crocheted bikinis will allow you to have fun in the sun. The best thing about your own bikini that you can choose exactly the color, design and shape that fit your body. You can unleash your creativity by adding pearls, tassels, fringes and flowers. The possibilities are limitless!

You can bikinis with a vintage style, Bohemian look (Boho) or something more modern crochet, you have a choice!

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