46+ Lovely and Sweet Amigurumi Crochet Dolls Pattern Ideas

Start amigurumi first by making a magic ring. Loop your finger through the thread and thread the needle through the needle, and use frequent needle technique. Then inject the needle 6 times into the formed rings. Finish the frequent needle stage and pull the thread and tighten it. In this way, you will prevent gaps in between.
You should proceed with the increment while continuing knitting. Make 6 frequent needles into the magic ring. Begin to increase and continue to enlarge until you reach the desired size. In the first stage, continue the frequent needle technique by submerging each stitch twice in the second round. Then, give one stitch to 1 stitch and 2 stitches to the next stitch in the same place. Continue knitting until you reach the desired size.
If your amygurum has reached the desired dye, it is time to decrease. It is also possible to make subtractions by skipping 1 frequent needle. But you can also choose to make a hidden subtraction. Crochet the loops of the two stitches side by side and knit them together. This technique is amigurumi secret subtraction technique.amigurumi how to make


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