52 Cute Fabulous and Beauty Crochet Scarf Patterns for 2019

Crochet scarf patterns are easy to find. Thousands are available online. So, how do you choose the best model to make a scarf? It depends if you are looking for a super simple beginner’s scarf or a more advanced model. You will also need to consider the types of points, color, width, length, and techniques needed to complete the model. What you will find among the 25 projects chosen here is a wide range of styles; There is a perfect crochet scarf pattern for everyone in this collection.


Take a basic crochet scarf and dress it with a crochet surface to create a much more percussive pattern. We see it here with a double crocheted scarf embroidered with dots that create a graphical lozenge overlay.

It is an infinity scarf more traditional. It uses very simple points and it is easy to work with the hook. However, the placement of the points makes it interesting. As for the basic designs, a small contact is enough to go very far!

If you have crocheted a lot of scarves, you may feel as if you have fashioned them in any form imaginable! Think again. The unique design of this scarf will necessarily be different from the one you are used to. The designer says it aims to mimic the wave shape of a particular coast. In fact, it has also dyed the yarn to match those waves and includes yarn dye instructions with crochet pattern for ambitious artisans who want to be creative.

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