Different and Cool Amigurumi Crochet Pattern ideas

#Plush floppy ears bunny amigurumi Free Pattern

Hello everyone, guys. Today I will share with you a very nice plush free rabbit amigurumi pattern. I hope you like it. Rabbit amigurumi has become very popular in recent days. We all know children love it.
This amigurumi by @ shegera13 is made of plush yarn. Thank you so much. Some kids like big-eared bunny models like this. I will continue to share quite a lot of varieties for you on my blog.
You can find the details of the mold in the pdf file.
The toy is crocheted with crochet and the ears are semi-crocheted.
To work you need a hook and thread Himalaya Dolphin Baby or YarnArt Dolce. Yarn consumption – one and a half hanks taking into account the use of two colors. The eyes are on a solid mount, the handles are fastened, the legs can be moved thanks to the use of plastic joints for toys.

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#Reindeer amigurumi Free Pattern

Friends I know, Christmas hasn’t come yet. However, let’s share the amigurumi patterns for Christmas. It’s not that easy to do. Someone who does this for a hobby can finish it in as little as 15 days.
First of all, I am thinking of sharing a lot of Christmas-related content this year. I will share them when I get the opportunity. The first is a great reindeer. Firstly, Ирина Белоусова who prepared this amigurumi. He’s a Russian friend. The last time I looked, his instagram profile was closed.
However, it will open a new one. They have great shares. I suggest you follow it. As for the reindeer amigurumi, it is a very detailed model friends. I’m sure you will. The designer even thought of the suspenders :).

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#Amigurumi dog Free Pattern

Hello friends. I’m with you today with a wonderful amigurumi dog pattern. Dogs, as you know, are one of the most loyal animals. Life friendly animals. They won’t hurt you unless you hurt them. Many dog amigurumi patterns I cannot share as I cannot find them.
Sorry. I am trying to investigate as much as I can. Designer @mopsik_toys used a pretty cool title. Yarn was prepared with Alize Cotton Gold yarn. It is very easy to shop online now, so you can easily get it. You can buy it from sites like Amazon, etsy.
Big companies already have their own sales sites and ship to many countries. You will need a 2mm hook to complete the Amigurumi. You can use 10mm beads for the eyes. It will look better if you make sure that it has the same color as the thread.

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#amigurumi doll Free Pattern

Hello everyone, guys. I think today will be a first. For the first time, I will share an amigurumi pattern without a baby. Actually, I don’t want to share dolls. Because it is very difficult to make. You can calm down thanks to the girl-like details.
Knitting is really difficult. If you do it sloppy, it doesn’t look good anyway. Thank you to @ smila_toys who prepared the example. He designed a very cute baby. For starters, it’s nice that there isn’t too much detail on her face. I would definitely recommend this example to beginners.
If you are going to start baby design, start with a doll like this one. In fact, even if a guy shows this to his girlfriend, it can be a nice act. However, men do not know much about amiguria. These kinds of dolls will be a nice gift for a girl.

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#Ninja Turtle amigurumi Free Pattern

Hello friends. I’m doing a first on my blog today. I am sharing a wonderful amigurumi free turtle pattern. First of all, I would like to thank @ ksanna_toys_hm who prepared this design. Actually the tortoise was very popular. Especially thanks to the ninja turtles. But now it is not known as before.
This blindfolded turtle is familiar to Ninja Turtles comic book and cartoon fans. Oksana Sonnova shared the description of knitting ninja turtles amigurumi. The author used a hook number 2.5 and acrylic thread to create the children’s cartoon character of Michelangelo’s turtle.
You can tie up four turtle friends at once: Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, and Raphael with blue, purple, orange, and red bandages. You can make a key chain from the toy and decorate a backpack or a car with it. The size of the finished product is about 13 cm high.

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#Deer Amigurumi Free Pattern

Today, friends, I will share with you a wonderful 40cm amigurumi deer pattern. It is completely free. Thank you very much to @ nina_sukhina for sharing this free deer amigurumi pattern. You can follow him on Instagram. If we get to the details about the Amigurumi.
It is very difficult to find this type of amigurumi for free. Especially the deer models. Very clever and creative characters. Its design is very demanding. Because it takes a lot of time, designers often put it up for sale. Thank you very much to @ nina_sukhina for sharing this beautiful pattern.
When it comes to the amigurumi model, it is a very complex model. It’s a pattern that I don’t recommend to beginners. It is prepared with very fine details and is quite large. You complete it by knitting all but the eyes. Even the details on the horns can take days for a beginner.

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Sloths of love amigurumi free crochet pattern

This pattern is designed by @essiebirdies. It may not be sold or used for commercial purposes. You are allowed to sell finished items in a limited way and mentioning @essiebirdies as the designer. Essiebirdies is not responsible for the finished products made by users of the pattern. This pattern is for free and a gift for you. I spend a lot of time designing it, please don’t take advantage of it in any way. Enjoy crocheting these sloths and I would love to see yours on social media.

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Frida Cushion Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern /strong>

Finished size: 15 x 27 cm when stuffed
This pattern is designed by @essiebirdies. It may not be sold or used for commercial purposes. You are allowed to sell finished items in a limited way and mentioning @essiebirdies as the designer.
Copyright and Designer: @essiebirdies

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Plush Pink Bunny Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Yarn Himalaya velvet (pink color); iris yarn (black)
Hook 3mm. 12mm eyes on a secure mount.
Scissors, white thread, needle,
Filler (holofiber)

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Lovely Girl Doll Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

The curly hair turned out to be so funny?
Initially I planned a completely different doll, but I often have one idea in my head, and during the process I can change / change everything I have planned ? But I am happy with the result ?? The doll is 27 cm, only the jumpsuit is removed, it stands and sits only with a support.

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Winnie the Pooh Bear Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

For this master class you will need:
– hook No. 3.5mm-4mm,
– No. 2.25mm-No. 2.5mm for spout and blouse
– Himalaya Dolphin Baby yarn 1 hank, yellow (I have # 80313)
– Yarn Art jeans yarn in black for the nose and red for the blouse (any cotton yarn at will)
– matching yarns (like iris) for sewing on details
– holofiber for filling toys
– qigang needle for sewing on details
– 3 small buttons for a blouse

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Baby Elephant amigurumi Crochet Pattern

I am with you with a very cute amigurumi toy elephant recipe. He has a very beautiful facial expression. It has many different details. It’s completely free.

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