53+ Friendly and Beauty Animal Amigurumi Crochet Pattern 2020

You remember the watermelon car ornaments that left their mark on the eighties … In fact, amigurumi or knitting toy technique has been known for a long time in our country but we cannot say that it is not as widespread as knitting works that meet the daily needs of people.


Let’s come to amigurumiye; Derived from Japanese words Ami (made with crochet or skewer) and nuigurumi (stuffed toy), the knitting is a well-known technique of needle needles that are well known to the students.

Amigurumi is both easy to learn and decorative, cute and enjoyable hobby. However, since patterns and techniques are prepared according to foreign terminology, it is quite usual to have difficulty at the beginning level. Since it is very difficult to find a source prepared with everything in Turkish, we mentioned this issue for you…

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