14 Friendly and Beauty Animal Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

What is Amigurumi?

Amigurumi, a popular crochet, is a Japanese word. It consists of a combination of ami, meaning crochet or knitting, and nuigurumine, which means a stuffed doll. Amigurumi: literally the art of making friends. Amigurumi has become more popular in the west than in Japan. Especially a lot of inspiration can be taken from the models on Pinterest. It has also turned into a financial gain for those who produce Amigurumi. These knitted dolls and figures, which have become indispensable for many baby room decoration, can be successfully completed by both beginners and experienced people. Recently, parents who care for their babies to play with healthier toys have also started to show great interest in Amigurumi toys.

Materials Required for Amigurumi

Amigurumi is a crochet technique that can be enjoyed by both beginners and experienced masters. Basic techniques are used, including single stitches, double stitches and invisible stitches. It is useful to check the necessary materials before starting the Amigurumi.

#Lovely unicorn amigurumi Free Pattern

Hello friends. Today I will share a very beautiful unicorn model with you. I’m sure you will like it. Before I get to the details, thank you very much to @albina_toys. He’s a really good designer.
You can follow the Instagram profile. First of all, I would like to state that it is a highly preferred model. The designer has already provided patterns in many colors. While white color is dominant on the foot and nose, you can make changes in other colors.
Making vibrant colors will make your character look more beautiful. He’s a pretty chubby character. Being chubby makes the character look even more cute. Details are more oval. Beads were used in his eyes as usual. Those who do not want to use beads can make eyes.

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#Cute cats amigurumi Free Pattern

The first is a very cute cat. First of all, thank you very much, programming is Рассохина. He is a very good amigurumi designer. They have beautiful patterns. I suggest you follow his blog.
If we come to the exemplary amigurumi, it is a very cute model. It was prepared using a very soft rope. Already used threads are the same. Himalayan dolphin or İplikart brand rope is used. You can use whatever you want.
You may be concerned about its size. It is 14 cm tall when completed. During its construction, 4mm hooks should be used. The choice of color is entirely up to you. You can use any color you want. This example uses gray and white color.

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#Rainbow bunny amigurumi Free Pattern

Friends, good day everyone. Would you like a rainbow colored amigurumi? You came to the right address. First of all, thank you very much to designer @ shema_toys.
Today I will share with you a brand new amigurumi rabbit pattern. This very cute medel is prepared using different colors. Although the structure of the rope is hard, it is a very large and cute amigurumi.
I say large because it will be 30 cm tall when completed. I think it’s a pretty big doll. Therefore, it may take a little longer to make. Because you will have to use a lot of color and yarn.
Beads are used in the eyes. Mouth, nose and eyebrow details are kept very simple. Since it is a very large amigurumi, its construction will take a long time. That’s why I think your designer friend avoided these details.

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#Sweet giraffe amigurumi Free Pattern

First of all, hello to you all. I’m with you today with two brand new amigurumi patterns.
First of all, I would like to thank Yulia Kravchenko who designed this amigurumi. In this article, I will share a beautiful giraffe amigurumi model. I seem to have heard you say when you see the picture why the neck isn’t long like a giraffe.
It is not possible to make a long neck as friends prepare such toys using rope. While working on the details instead of lengthening his neck, a pretty beautiful piece came out.
Ears nose horns and flower on head. It was a beautiful amigurumi. I recommend using yellow and giraffe tones in the body when choosing color. If you are going to use different colors, I recommend you to think in terms of harmony.

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#New cat plush amigurumi Free Pattern

Hello friends. Are you looking for an adorable plush cat? You came to the right address.
Today I will share with you the second amigurumi pattern. This pattern is a pretty cute kitty. I know these don’t really look like cats and look like cartoon characters.
But kids love it :). My child is still very afraid of real cats. When I try to get used to it, when I see a cat, it cries and runs away. Unfortunately, instilling a love for animals in children is not like in fairy tales.
You are going through a long and difficult process. These types of toys are very useful for teaching kids love for animals. Therefore, it is very useful that amigurumi is a very cute character.

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#Lovely plush bunny amigurumi Free Pattern

Hello friends. Welcome to my blog. Today I will share two amigurumi patterns. The first is a very cute and soft plush rabbit. I know you love bunny models. He likes my child very much.
Amigurumi bunnies became the joy of the house. The biggest reason for this is that you have completed this amigurumi with its 30cm size. It is really quite big for an amigurumi. Dolphin doll is used as yarn, looks very stylish.
I definitely think the yarn must be of good quality. If you don’t use a good rope, the amigurumi will look bad. When you wash it to clean, it immediately disappears or distorts its shape.
The filling material placed inside is also important in this respect. If you sell the cheerleaders you use, use quality products whenever possible. This will increase your customer potential.

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#Amigurumi pig crochet Free Pattern

Welcome to my friends’ blog. I said that I will share two amigurumi free molds with you. Let’s come to our second model. Our second model has a very cute pig model.
I know your kid is a piggy fan. She especially likes girls. For this reason, pink color is generally preferred. You can use many shades of pink.
Even though the light pink colors seem more cute, cleaning is a big problem. As everyone knows, children love to pollute. It is permanent in some stains and some threads. Especially chocolate stain.
It is quite difficult to remove fatty chocolate stains from soft threads. Although it is cleaned after washing, its unique color disappears and traces remain. I recommend choosing darker colors.

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#Lovely bunny amigurumi Free Pattern

Hello friends. I am aware that I have shared a lot of amigurumi rabbits lately. I also do not produce these ingredients. I share the posts of very professional designers.
Recently, designers have started sharing amigurumi free bunny frequently. The biggest reason for this is the interest in amigurumi rabbitless patterns. As you know, the rabbit is a very cute animal.
His children are familiar with both cartoons and natural life. Buddha increases the love for the rabbit. Think about it, bugs bunny is a 60 year old cartoon. and still watched.

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#Lovely raccoon amigurumi Free Pattern

Yes! I’m with you again today. How are you guys. Are you feeling good? Today I will share with you amigurumi patterns that you are not used to. Are you ready?
Our first model today is a wonderful raccoon amigurumi. It seems difficult to knit with friends :). You agree with me. But this is all about time. You can be sure that you will be rewarded for your work.
Maybe it will take 3 or 5 days but you will have a very nice raccoon amigurumi. Using different animal figures will broaden your horizons. Every different figure you make will help you improve your skills.
I recommend knitting different amigurumi models. Raccoon amigurumi is prepared using a strong rope. I do not recommend knitting with soft yarn. Even if you find it, I recommend you buy the same thread.

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#Crochet amigurumi lion Free Pattern

Hello. Welcome to my blog. Have you taken a photo on this subject? I really liked it when I saw the picture.
I’m sure this topic will be especially for Pinterest users. Because this is an amigurumi lion model that looks really cool. I’ve seen many amigurumi lions before. However, this may be among the best models I have seen.
Don’t call me a lion guys. This lion amigurumi is really cute. I don’t know if there are different patterns, but if you share it with me after me, I’ll publish it. When you complete the amigurumi it becomes 18 cm.
This is not a huge model. That’s why it looks so cute. Great toy for babies. Babies love vibrant colors. In fact, this type of amigurumi can be more beautiful if a sound sensor is installed inside.

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#Big dog amigurumi Free Pattern

I’m here today to share with you the second free amigurumi pattern. First of all, welcome to my blog, friends. How are you today? Today I will share an amigurumi model that is not preferred for you. However, this model is quite different from the bottoms.
It is really one step ahead, especially with its looks. It looks pretty stylish when finished. Of course, the quality of the yarn is also important in this. As you can see in the picture, I will share the amigurumi dog model with you today. I hope you liked the picture and downloaded the sample.
Dogs are a family of many different species. They can be very scary, very cute. Of course we love cute dogs :). Actually, dogs are all beautiful. It’s about who raised these dogs. It will be how you raise your room dog.

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#Little and cute bear amigurumi Free Pattern

Hello friends. How are you today. I am very glad if you ask me. Today we had a nice day with my daughter and in the evening I researched some amigurumi patterns for you and came across a few examples. I wanted to share them with you.
The first is a tiny amigurumi teddy bear model. It is a very cute but quite small model. Actually, I’m in favor of growing bear figures. Bear characters are pretty big in all movies and videos.
That’s why we have an eye for big bears. Children can cuddle more easily. These small toys are generally for more adult children. It happens to those who use it as a keychain. But often children use it.

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#Amigurumi cow Free Pattern

Hello friends. I will share with you the second and final template today. Actually, I do research for you during the day but I cannot prepare articles every day. Forgive me.
Our second amigurumi is a cow today. Don’t be fooled by the fact that it looks small. It is a very difficult model. It has very fine details. I guess it is very difficult to do the face and body part.
Cow is not a preferred model as an amigurumi. I know that. However, it is very useful for your child to get to know different animals. This will increase your child’s love for nature. It can also be encouraging for children who don’t drink milk.
You can use many different colors in this amigurid. Vitchuk_vv, who created the Amigurumi. You can access the Instagram profile from this link. He likes to make very detailed and small amigurums.

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#Awesome bear amigurumi Free Pattern

Are you looking for a cute amigurumi teddy bear? You came to the right address.
Hello everyone, guys. Welcome to my blog. Today, I will continue to share brand new amigurumi patterns with you. Today’s topic is a beautiful teddy bear mold. I love Amigurumi bears like you.
Many different models may arise depending on your ability. The creator of one of these different designs is “Calabere Деткова”. Thank you so much. You can access the Instagram profile at https://www.instagram.com/funnytoys_elena/.
He loves doing this kind of work. He uses quite different threads and pays attention to detail. You can already see how detailed it is from the amigurumi painting.

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