63+ Cute and Stylish Crochet Dresses Pattern Ideas For Summer

People often ask me for crochet clothes that I make for myself. I mostly do not work with patterns, and all my clothes are without pictures. However, this does not work for everyone, so I thought I would review some of the best crochet tutorials available. This week all crochet patterns are free, and next week I’ll tell you about the patterns that are worth paying for.


If you want to turn your hand into a cute little day dress for the summer or just a little more for a special occasion, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for! These patterns are incredible in every way, but of course it’s always fun to be creative with what you have to play and to bring that little personal magic into the design!

Choose your own colors or follow the examples – in any case you can not go wrong! And although this will probably be helpful if you have at least some experience with crochet, this is the perfect beginner’s project to get started and practice your path to perfection!

It is one thing to buy a sweet little dress for this special little lady in your life, but if you make it your own, it means more than any price. As a true love work, you put down your love message and take care of every last inch of the dress from start to finish – the fact that it looks absolutely stunning, of course, is also a nice bonus!

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