Cute and Easy Stylish Sweater & Cardigan Crochet Patterns Images for 2019

Beginners and crocheting experts will find their happiness in this collection of crochet sweater designs for free. Each of these cardigans, sweaters and shawls requires very little shaping so you can safely tackle your first (or tenth!) Garment.

Before this year, I still had only knitted sweaters. Once I ventured into the world of crochet sweaters – and especially by designing my free crochet sweater designs – I realized that they can be totally fashionable, easy to build and often much faster only a sweater! (You can find all my models of free crochet sweaters here!)


Nobody will imagine that you created this cardigan from adult shapes from a simple rectangle. Made with an extremely soft yarn for a comfortable but not too bulky look, you’ll always find yourself wearing this crocheted jumper for beginners. Find Part 1 of the free template below, Part 2 here or buy the full, ad-free, printable PDF with Parts 1 and 2 for $ 2.75 here.

If you have never done a crocheting, it will change now. And if you’re already Michael Phelps crochet sweaters, it could be the sweater that judges all sweaters from now on. It’s so welcoming. easy. comfortable. effortlessly.

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