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#Cel (skirt) Free Pattern

Hello, Girls!
I publish the pattern of this cute skirt for free!
I put the name ‘cel’, because I live in Barcelona and people from Barcelona, most of them use their language ‘Catalan’.
’Cel’ means ‘Sky’ in Catalan.
And I thought it is perfect name for the color and shape the skirt has.
It is free but I wish that you don’t use for your commercial use.
If you want, plz let me know!
PLEASE follow me!
The more you follow, the more I could make new designs!

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#Peach Fuzz Free Pattern

A quick side note: I have worked with this skirt, joining it at the end of each round, but due to the nature of HDC, the stitches tend to tilt to the right and create a moveable seam. There are some tips and tricks on how to avoid a road seam, but I still felt the seam was too noticeable for my taste. I would recommend that you work it out in a circle, using a loop marker to mark the beginning of the circle.

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#Eventide Skirt Free Pattern

There’s nothing like a cool breeze in the hot summer. This lovely crochet skirt was inspired by the look of the evening wind blowing through waves of grass on the seashore.

The skirt is worked from the top town. It is worked flat for the belt band and first 4 rows of the skirt. The rest of the skirt is joined in rounds and worked back and forth. Increases are worked evenly in each pattern repeat. Follow the numbers in the brackets when increasing.

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#Upcycled Jeans Free Pattern

Give new life to a worn out pair of jeans with straight or a flamboyant flair of crochet! This pattern will work for any size from child to adult.

About 100g of yarn per skirt is required and a crochet hook to suit your chosen yarn.

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#A Little Flare Skirt Free Pattern

A Little Flare is a simple A-Line skirt pattern that can easily be adjusted to any size or for use with any weight yarn. The finished skirt is a comfortable and versatile wardrobe staple.
Construction is worked in the round, top down. This is a good project for using up stash yarn as the length can be varied easily based on the amount of available yarn.

Skill level

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#Ines Skirt Free Pattern


3 (4) 5 skeins of 50 g Hobbii Highland Wool color 29
2 skeins of 25 g Super Kid Silk color 19 for the ruffle
32” Circular needles US 6 (4 mm)
Elastic for the waist band.
S/M (M/L) L/XL
Width of half the waist:
13 3⁄4 (14 1⁄2) 15 1⁄4 in. (35 (37) 39 cm)
Total Length:
17 3⁄4 (18) 18 1⁄2 in. (45 (46) 47 cm)
17 sts x 24 rnds = 4” x 4”
With two strands together in stockinette

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Isabela Skirt Crochet Pattern

This is a classic staple you will love to add to your closet! It is designed with a 2-inch fit with a positive ease around the thighs, however if you want a particularly large fit, you can achieve this easily (there are comments in the template to do so!). Examiners said that this is the most pleasant skirt they have made !!!

Yarn Notes: Double knitted yarn, weight / 3 was used for the sample shown. The total yard ranges from 300 meters to 640 meters.

Hook: 4.5 mm crochet hook

Dimensions included XS (S, M, L, 2XL, 3XL)

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Mite Motif Skirt Crochet Pattern

Both English and Japanese versions are fully charted using standard knitting and/or crochet symbols. For help using Japanese charted patterns, please visit the Japanese knitting & crochet group.

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Spring Tulip Crochet Pattern

Yarn group B
S – M – L – XL – XXL – XXXL

Finished measurements:
Waist measurements: 74-78-88-98-114-122 cm = 29 1/8”-30 3/4”-34 5/8”-38 1/2”-45”-48”
Full length: 50-52-54-56-58-60 cm = 19 3/4”-20 1/2”-21 1/4”-22”-22 3/4”-23 5/8”

All measurements in charts are in cm.

DROPS MUSKAT from Garnstudio (belongs to yarn group B)
450-500-550-600-650-700 g color 60, ice blue

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Sea Shell Crochet Pattern

Yarn group B
S – M – L – XL – XXL – XXXL

Finished measurements:
Waist measurements: 72-80-88-98-110-122 cm = 28 3/8”-31 1/2”-34 5/8”-38 1/2”-43 3/8”-48”
Full length: 46-48-50-52-54-56 cm = 18”-19”-19 3/4”-20 1/2”-21 1/4”-22”

All measurements in charts are in cm.

DROPS MUSKAT from Garnstudio (belongs to yarn group B)
500-550-600-700-750-800 g color 03, mint green

18 double crochets in width and 9 rows vertically = 10 x 10 cm = 4” x 4”.
A.X measures approx. 3 cm = 1 1/8” in width.

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Cable Waterfall Crochet Pattern

DROPS COTTON LIGHT from Garnstudio (belongs to yarn group B)
400-450-500-550-600 g color 21, light beige

21 stitches in width and 28 rows in height with stockinette stitch = 10 x 10 cm = 4” x 4”.

DROPS CIRCULAR NEEDLE SIZE 4 MM = US 6: length 60 cm = 24” and 80 cm = 32”.
DROPS CIRCULAR NEEDLE SIZE 3 MM = US 2,5: length 60 cm = 24” and 80 cm = 32” for lining and edge.
DROPS CABLE NEEDLE – for cables.
Needle size is only a guide. If you get too many stitches on 10 cm = 4”, change to a larger needle size. If you get too few stitches on 10 cm = 4”, change to a smaller needle size.

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Twirls Skirt Crochet Pattern

Do you dream of a skirt with a little extra twist to it? Then Twirls Skirt is the one for you.

This is a lovely skirt knitted in one thread of rounds and one thread of silk silk. The twirls thread adds a charming effect to the skirt with its many shades, and the Kid Silk makes the project incredibly soft. This will be the skirt, you will want to wear every day!


One thread ball of 7.1 oz Twirls Cotton Kings color no. 21
3 yarn balls of 0.99 oz silk child kid Hobbii color no. 12
Round needle size 6, 31.49 ”
Elastic belt

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