Beauty Beginner Crochet Cardigan Pattern Images for new Winter 2019

The hook is much more versatile than you can imagine! Clothes are usually associated with knitting, but in recent years many beautiful crochet cardigans have been designed. If you need a warm and comfortable sweater for fall or a light and airy top for sunny days, here are 15 free hook designs for crochet cardigans that I love!


Forget the diamonds, the handbags and the shoes: the cardigans and the sweaters are the best friends of the woman! During the summer, you wonder if you should bring a sweater somewhere, especially if you know that the place will be equipped with air conditioning. You do not want to wear a crocheted sweater wherever you are, but with these 56 easy crochet cardigans, you’ll always have a light crochet cardigan at your fingertips. These summer crochet patterns will keep you warm in air conditioning or on windy nights and are always very fashionable. Choose from crocheted cardigan lace patterns, simple everyday cardigans, bold patterns or anything else!

We have also included some of our favorite models of stiffer cardigans. These heavier cardigans are decidedly thicker and heavier than the models in this collection, but they are perfect for frozen cinemas, malls and offices that are always too cold and air conditioned. They can be worn daily during the winter months, but it is also advisable to keep them handy during the spring and summer months, in case of sudden drop in temperature.

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