Glamour and Cute Shawl and Wrap Crochet Patterns for Women

A crochet shawl is the ideal item for every season of the year. A pierced shawl can be the perfect swimsuit in summer, while an oversized shawl can keep your neck warm, even on the coldest days of winter. There are many ways to make a shawl, including several modeling options, such as triangular shawls and rectangular shawls. These ten models of free crochet shawl will help you explore all the ways to warm up with envelopes!


Here is a free crochet pattern for a unique and colorful triangular shawl that you can do with the remaining thread. This stashbuster project offers a great way to practice making envelopes without having to buy new materials. Most people have a wide range of colors in their stock of threads; this free crochet pattern therefore offers a great way to create a shawl incorporating many shades of the rainbow. This is a fun and easy crochet pattern that is a great starting point for crochet shawls.

One of the most special types of crochet shawls you can make is a prayer shawl, a scarf soaked with special intentions to help the recipient heal or feel compassionate. This prayer shawl has a beautiful crocheted butterfly pattern, making it an ideal choice for people undergoing changes and transformations. Of course, it is also a pretty crochet head that would be perfect for spring fashions. Even if you do not want to make a prayer shawl, it will still work as a basic shawl pattern.

Many crochet shawls incorporate the beautiful pineapple motif into their design. This is a great lace option that is beautifully presented in accessories such as envelopes. This shawl is unique because it is worked almost as a complete circle, giving this garment a particularly feminine design. Circular shawls are not as common as shawls worked in rectangles and triangles, so it’s a great piece to tell.

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