13 Quick And Easy Crochet Blanket Patterns For Beginners

Welcome to my wonderful article where you can find many different models and patterns as knitted blankets. I have compiled a good compilation of the most popular blanket recipes on the Internet. First of all, I want to say that I do not share blankets used only for adults and beds. You can also find baby blankets among them. You can also find small blankets that you can take on when you watch TV or get a little cold. Although some of the patterns are difficult, some of them are quite easy.


#Ocean Ripples Security Blanket Free Pattern

The template is available for free on my blog. The advantage of buying this PDF template is that you get an ad-free version that is easy to print and read.
If you have any questions while working on the project, please email me at [email protected] and I will do my best to answer your questions and provide you with assistance. For more crochet ideas, visit CraftingEachDay.com.
© Copyright 2021 Creation Every Day. Do not copy, sell, or reproduce this pattern without my permission.

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#Moonstone Plaid Blanket Free Pattern

February is what I would call blanket season. The festive feeling of winter is usually long forgotten, and we are left with cold, dull weather (at least in the northeastern United States, where I am!), And spring is still far away. In a normal year, the urge to stay indoors would be strong, but after the 2020 quarantine year brought us, I think many of us are going a little crazy. What better way than now for a grand blanket project that will grab our attention and help us get through? Introducing the Moonstone Plaid Blanket, now available as a free sewing pattern here on my blog (scroll down!), A printable PDF (click here!) Or the complete kit (click here!).

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#Wildwood Plaid Blanket Free Pattern

The Wildwood Plaid Blanket transforms plain stripes into a bold plaid with a simple weave technique. This elegant and cozy blanket requires only a beginner’s skills and can be used in any color combination to create a beautiful, special fabric. This Afghani adds warmth and intrigue to any room and is a true relic.
This pattern is part of a collaboration with the Lion Brand Yarn Company using Hue + Me yarns. To purchase a kit, visit their website here.
This is a knitting pattern for beginners that uses the following techniques: crochet and weave.

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#Friends Blanket Free Pattern

The My Friends blanket is inspired by Granny’s square blanket from the TV show Friends. They have a crocheted square grandma blanket hanging on the couch in Monica and Rachel’s apartment! Since I always look Friends, while I crochet, I decided to recreate the blanket. This is a variation of the typical granny square blanket to ensure that the squares have crosses on them to make it look like a show blanket. Grandma’s squares are made individually and connected with creamy yarn. The join as you go method is used to join the squares. The blanket is bordered with a scalloped edge. I made mine with Blue Sky Fibers worsted cotton yarn, but any worsted yarn will work. You will need two skeins of squares of each color (raspberry, dark purple, yellow, and orange) and six skeins of cream. In terms of caliber and size, each granny square should be approximately 5.5 inches by 5.5 inches. The finished duvet is six by nine granny squares, but you can adjust the size by adding more rows. Hope you enjoy the pattern!

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#Huckleberry Baby Blanket Free Pattern

“The Huckleberry baby blanket is perfect for first-time crochet Tunisian knitters! Tunisian crochet uses an elongated crochet hook that mimics the look of crocheted stitches. Combine this technique with a classic striped border for a charming gift duvet. ”
You can purchase an inexpensive PDF to support my work, read below.
Crochet your own Huckleberry baby blanket using this PDF crochet pattern.
Finished sizes and sizes:
Baby blanket
25 x 36 inches
This pattern contains written instructions in English and uses American crochet terminology.
The PDF file for printing consists of only 2 pages, including the title page.
Available for instant download.

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#Losdale Ripple Afghan Free Pattern

Afghan on the chair, which is depicted, the colors are completely different. Green is more olive, cream is darker than whitish in the picture, and blue is darker blue. I thought the colors were much brighter, but overall I like how it turned out. Easy to crochet. Nice blanket. My dog loves it too!

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#Aztec Afghan Free Pattern

Aztec afghan
Inspired by the ancient Aztecs, this blanket will fit into any decor: modern, classic, bohemian… name it. Pick your 2 favorite colors and make your very own Aztec Afghani!

Durable Cozy, 50% Cotton and 50% Acrylic, 50g / 66m / 72yards.
Yarn A: 2239 Brick: 12 balls
Yarn B: 326 ivory: 19 balls.

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#Chandelier Baby Blanket Free Pattern

Create a fun colorful baby blanket with the free Bernat Crochet Chandelier Baby Blanket. This stitch was designed by Hannah of Daisy Farm Crafts and made with Bernat Baby Velvet, an ultra soft and cuddly yarn. This is a wonderful project for a baby shower or for your toddler’s bedroom.
Hi Hannah, I had a lot of flower leftovers from my colorful velvet headbands, so I decided to make a fun colorful baby blanket! When I first posted a snapshot of this blanket on Instagram, someone said it reminded them of a chandelier and we couldn’t think of a better name for it, which is why we call it that!

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#Timeless Ripple Baby Blanket Free Pattern

I love giving and making knitted blankets as gifts for a newborn. This simple crochet ruffle blanket is classic and timeless.
You can make them with solid colors, stripes, or color blocks like me.
And what’s the best part?
No boundaries are needed. Just braid the ends and finish.
This cute crochet blanket is made for my new nephew who is due to appear from day to day.

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#Stellata Free Pattern

A large triangular shawl is created seamlessly from small sections, you only work with one color at a time, except for the long edge, you have no more than 30 stitches on the needle. There is an introduction to the technology, 2 schematic drawings, photographs of individual sections and detailed, verified instructions.

German pattern with diagrams and photos
Modular knitting creates a colorful shawl. No seams, only one color at a time, max 30 stitches per needle (long rows only on one border).

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#Radiant Ripple Knit Blanket Free Pattern

A lightweight knit wavy blanket perfectly complements the color changes of Bernat Blanket Stripes. The center reduction is achieved by knitting the two together, and when these stitches are removed, they form pronounced peaks, making this blanket a unique knitting pattern.
Recommended: Bernat Quilt Strips (10.5 oz / 300 g; 220 yards / 201 m).
Cape Cod (76025) 4 balls, or 790 yards / 720 m similar yarn
U.S. size 11 (8mm) circular needles, 36 ” (91.5cm) long.

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#Stay Wild Moon Child blanket throw Free Pattern

This richly textured sampler-style blanket is created using three basic stitches. I have video tutorials on all three stitching patterns.
You can follow the complete pattern or make it your own by varying how many times you repeat the stitch patterns.
This template is written in American terms. For British terms, see the List of Acronyms. Please read all notes, materials and lines before starting your project.
Aran / Worsted Yarn: 3.6 oz (100 g) / 180 yards (165 m) x 14 balls / 2520 yards (2310 m)
The amount of yarn is approximate, you can use more or less yarn depending on your hook, tension and required project size.

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#Moxie Block Blanket Free Pattern

When I created this blanket, I wanted to create a bold look with color blocks. Something clean, easy to make, and full of texture. Something that will suit both modern and traditional environments with dignity. Instead of the traditional squares, I decided to create a shape that was less square and more daring! By choosing stitches of different widths, I was able to create an image that had some shape, without the difficulties associated with increasing, decreasing, or frequent sewing.
This blanket has a nice texture and will look good in very muted tones to blend in with it, or it can come off the couch with a bolder color choice. Either way, she is full of courage and very easy to craft and finish!
In addition to the written template, a complete video tutorial is available on its manufacture and assembly / finishing process.

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