Awesome Crochet Cardigan Pattern Images for New Season


#Cardiflower Free Pattern

The sweaters our mothers and grandmothers knit are the most familiar examples of the type of knitting we call knitwear that has entered almost every home. The thicker the skewers, the more magnificent the knitted fabric is, and the thinner the skewers, the thinner the product. Equipped with the latest technology that we use today, our knitting machines adjust the thickness of the jerseys according to the same logic …
The only difference is that when our grandmothers put on the loop, the machine put on a lot of loops and immediately finished the row. In jerseys, each loop clings to the loop of the next row, thereby ensuring continuity of knitting.

Sweaters with a yoke are probably my favorite pastime in knitwear. I like to integrate increases or decreases directly into the stitch patterns for a seamless and seamless look. While yokes are usually made more traditional when knitting with cables or threads, a lace yoke can be a delicate alternative.
The product is knitted almost seamlessly from top to bottom. You can remove the pockets for a completely seamless sweater. But if you do decide to add pockets, have fun with the contrasting lining that protrudes from the lace detail in the front.
Cardflower is a little autumnal little thing, with cropped sleeves and a slightly cropped body perfect for layering. It has a gentle A-shape for a little extra movement.

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