9 Easy and Free Crochet Flower Patterns


If you are looking for an eco-friendly way to remove your makeup every night, then you’ve come to the right place! To be honest, I stopped buying makeup remover wipes a long time ago thanks to the reusable pads! I needed to replace my old ones and decided to make these flower face circles from the leftover yarn I had in my hand!
I love that 100% cotton yarn is used for this pattern, making it environmentally friendly and safe to wash!
The cute floral design is perfect for gifts to your friends! You can also sell them in your stores and Etsy markets.
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#Flower Friend Free Pattern

The flower friend is a pattern that I have been making for a long time. However, in November 2020, I decided to use it as a keychain pattern for my pocket hugs and send it out to people to brighten up their days.
Simple and straightforward instructions.
The pattern is available for both the UK and the US and can be made from any weighted yarn with the appropriate crochet hook.
You can sell products made using this design, but please contact Flo’s Crafty Crochet.
You may not share, modify, or sell this sample. It is for personal use only, excluding the sale of items created from it. thank

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#Five Petal Textured Flower Free Pattern

I love making Crochet Flowers…..they are just so pretty and beautiful to decorate with or use them as they are and of course the fact that they work up pretty quick. They are a great to use up all the yarn stash.

You can put them on just about anything…..Use them to accessorize your Hats.. Bags…Rugs…Placemats….join them and make a Blanket of it…..the ideas are endless!!!

Materials Used:-
Worsted Yarn
4 mm Crochet Hook

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#Floral Makeup Remover Pads Free Pattern

With a fresh summer pattern, these makeup remover pads are the perfect addition to your daily cleaning routine. They can be used alone with water, or used alongside your favorite makeup remover. When you’re done, just throw them in the basket along with the rest of your laundry to use over and over again. Makeup remover pads are a good gift for home comfort or as a gift for a wedding or bridal shower.

For this pattern, you will need to know how to successfully crochet a magic loop and how to complete your triple crochet stitch.

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#African Flower Variation Free Pattern

Use this African Flower Variation motif to create blankets of any size. Included is the African Flower Variation Half Hex used to fill in the sides of a blanket to make a straight edge. The ends of the blanket will have points.

Many different stitches and techniques are used to make this motif, including standing double crochet, long double crochet, and invisible join.

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#Flower Face Scrubbies Free Pattern

I use face scrubbies every day for my face cleaning routine! Now, I just made a basic circle ones with a half double crochet. So, I thought how could I make this different. Flowers of course!
These adorable scrubbies are perfect for daily face cleaning or to really scrub one certain area of your face with a petal!
These scrubbies are made using a double crochet and a treble cluster stitch for the petals. They also use cotton yarn.

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#Flower Pad Free Pattern

This kitchen flower pad is constructed first by making a crochet hexagon. We’ll be making a more closed motif, since we don’t want too many holes in this pattern. Then we’ll make 5 more for a total of 6 hexagons.

After making the hexagons, we’ll use a single crochet stitch along just 2 sides of each hexagon near the top. We’ll connect them in the corners with the single crochet edging. Then we’ll take a double strand of yarn and weave it in the center section to tie, knot, and secure it.

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#Tropical Flower Hair Clip Free Pattern

Bright colors and lots of texture make this tropical flower clip the perfect pattern to crochet for any little girls hair accessory collection.

This crochet pattern is available for free on my website or you can download it here as a print-optimized, ad-free PDF for your convenience.


Materials Needed:
18-20 yds Aunt Lydia’s #10 crochet thread in 3 or 4 colors. I suggest, Aqua, Bright Coral, White, and Light Peach
1.4mm steel hook
Yarn needle
(Optional) 13” long x 2” wide lace
1 1/4” Alligator hair clip, 1 1/4” hair clip, or 50mm bobby pins with pad
Felt for backing
Hot glue gun, or needle and thread for sewing flower to hair clip or bobby pin
Starching solution

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#Autumn Gerbera Free Pattern

A quick and easy 3-round flower that can be made in any yarn and a suitable hook.

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