Lovely and Sweet Amigurumi Crochet Dolls Pattern Ideas

#Rainbow Cat free amigurumi Free Pattern

In general, we examined the amigurumi toys, understood what they were. How to learn to knit them? What do you need to produce amigurumi? Next, we will answer all questions, learn about the necessary materials and knitting techniques.

To create a toy, you will need a thin hook, threads of different colors and filler. Choose a hook with a thinner thread, it is better to be number 2. Each piece is knitted in a spiral, which eliminates the presence of a seam. The desired shape is obtained by reducing and adding loops. For beginners, it is better to start knitting with a simple toy consisting of one or two parts. This will provide an opportunity to get acquainted with the process of creating amigurumi.

Hello friends. First of all, welcome. The cat amigurumi pattern that I am sharing right now is generally referred to as murzik cat. So this is a rainbow cat. Because we knit this way for our children :). I definitely recommend you to try it.
I shared an amigurumi rabbit pattern similar to this one before. You can also have a look. You can find this under the rabbit tab in the Categories section. Now as to this cute cat, I have a cartoon whose name I can’t remember.
She looks incredibly like a naughty cat out there. The cat in my cartoon was very naughty but we all know cats are very cute animals. They are very docile and love to sleep. The only thing I didn’t like in the recipe were eyebrows. It can be done a little differently.

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