Beauty Crochet Hat and Beanie Pattern ideas for Beginners

#Blush Beanie Free Pattern

I recently got very into crocheting, which looks like knitted. (If you too, you’ll love this collection of 15 free crochet patterns that knit and this video tutorial on crocheting with “knit” stitches.) So when I decided to design this super quick beanie pattern, I decided to give it a ribbed look. an image reminiscent of the atmosphere of a classic knitted hat. This is a knitted beanie I would like if I was going to go ice fishing in Minnesota and then have lunch at my favorite ironic hot dog stand. Enter the crochet hat for an hour and a half.
And when I say hour and a half, I mean the beginning and the end, including the time it takes to find the remote and start the movie on Netflix. This free crochet pattern for beginners is as quick as it is easy. (See all of our free crochet patterns here!)

Use this crochet pattern to create a lightweight beanie from plush, chunky yarn that resembles a pillow.

This crochet pattern is suitable for the advanced beginner and will suit the average adult. Abbreviations / stitches used in this pattern include: ch, st, BLO, SC, HDC, HDC2Tog, DC, DCV, and DCSV. Special stitch descriptions and links to video tutorials are included.

This template requires approx. 150 yards of LB Collection Chainette yarn or similar yarn. You will also need a 5.5mm hook and an extra faux fur pom pom.

Download Pattern