11 Unique and Awesome Crochet Dress Patterns

#Tivoli Tunic Free Pattern

You can find many different patterns among knitted dress models. I have compiled 11 different dress models for you. I hope you enjoy it. However, knitting a dress is a really difficult task. The biggest reason for this is that the knitting is too big and the size is difficult to adjust. If you are knitting for the person you will knit or for yourself, you should adjust the dimensions well. Especially summer clothes should be suitable for your body. Also, its interior should not be visible. When you use thick threads in knitted dresses, your job is very easy, but there is no beautiful appearance. Dresses prepared with fine rope will look much more elegant.

S (M / L)
Ready bust 91.5 (108) cm (36 (42 1/2) inches)
Finished Length 33 1/2 (34 1/2) inches (85 (87.5) cm)
Note. The template is written for a smaller size with changes in parentheses for a larger size. When only one number is specified, it applies to both sizes. To make it easier to follow the pattern, circle all the numbers related to your size before starting.
The tunic is knitted in one piece from top to bottom.
From above, the tunic is knitted in a circle, then divided into armholes.
The tunic has side slits.
If you find it difficult to connect the initial part of the loop into a ring without twisting the loop, row 1 can be knitted in a row, and then connected in one circle as follows: leaving a long initial tail of the yarn, ch 93 (97), sbn. 2 hours from the hook and in each hour across; connect with SL-th in the first sc – you will have 92 (96) sc at the end of this row / row. With the tail of the starting yarn, sew the gap at the bottom of the first row. Go to Route 2.

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