Cute and Stylish Crochet Dresses Patterns for This Summer

#Cecilia Free Pattern

As you can see, ladies, how important knitting and needlework patterns are in today’s modern life. In this article, I will try to show you how we can achieve the same elegance with knitting instead of the long evening dresses we prepare for the special evenings we look at after spending hours shopping. I have collected models of long dresses crochet. They are all very stylish and elegant, later I will publish an article on how to crochet long dresses, but these dresses are not so easy to make.
But I have no doubt that there are people in you who are capable of putting on these dresses, modeling them. Therefore, we try to offer you the most beautiful and different models, not to mention that it is easy to share them. Knitted dresses have never been so beautiful. If you are thinking about crocheting clothes, take a look at this gallery.

As part of my New Year’s decision to stop quitting my creative pursuits in the name of keeping my career buoyant, I finally boot up Cecilia. (Note: I’ve worn it at least once since I finished it last summer and it looks like it did a pretty good job!)

Cecilia was inspired by Cecilia Tallis and her open back prom dress from Ian McEwan’s novel Atonement. She’s a 1930s sweater tunic that could have been a 1930s open back dress if I was less lazy and / or put more yarn into it. Lace inserts and sleeves are smooth and patterned. The panels are joined and the body is worked in a circle with the front seam to the armholes, after which the front and back are worked horizontally separately. Sleeves are optional and are sewn to the armholes at the ends. According to my usual operating principles, the overall pattern and gauge is actually more of a guideline, and the experienced knitter is strongly encouraged to change as needed to achieve the correct fit, length, degree of backlessness, collar height, sleeve availability, etc.

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