Cute and Stylish Crochet Dresses Patterns for This Summer

#Women’s knitted dress Free Pattern

As you can see, ladies, how important knitting and needlework patterns are in today’s modern life. In this article, I will try to show you how we can achieve the same elegance with knitting instead of the long evening dresses we prepare for the special evenings we look at after spending hours shopping. I have collected models of long dresses crochet. They are all very stylish and elegant, later I will publish an article on how to crochet long dresses, but these dresses are not so easy to make.
But I have no doubt that there are people in you who are capable of putting on these dresses, modeling them. Therefore, we try to offer you the most beautiful and different models, not to mention that it is easy to share them. Knitted dresses have never been so beautiful. If you are thinking about crocheting clothes, take a look at this gallery.

Top-down knitted dress in Novita Venla. The dress is decorated with a beautiful lace curve.
A beautiful lace yoke adorns this top-down dress
Ein nahtlos vom Hals abwärts gestricktes Kleid. This round of crosses with a motif pattern of the dress.

Finished Measurements
86 (94) 102 (110) 118 cm – body circumference / Body Circumference
102 (104) 106 (108) 110 cm – length of the dress in the middle back / Length (center back)
46 (47) 48 (48) 49 cm – Inner sleeve length

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