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#Lee’s Rainbow Cardigan Free Pattern

Lee’s rainbow cardigan is a beginner-friendly crochet pattern that’s made up of pieces and then sewn together. A comfortable fit and lightweight semi-circular crochet loops bring this sweater to life. ”
You can purchase an inexpensive PDF to support my work, read below.

Crochet your own Lee’s Rainbow cardigan with this PDF crochet pattern.
Finished sizes and sizes:
Very small, small, medium / large, 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x / 5x
30 (34, 38/42, 46, 50, 54, 58/62) ”Bust.
This pattern contains written instructions in English and uses American crochet terminology.
The PDF file for printing consists of only 3 pages, including the title page.
Available for instant download.

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#Cardigan Bobbles of Snow Free Pattern

This Bobbles of Snow Crochet Cardigan is a fun collection of granny and bobble stitches that create an easy and loose pattern for winter.
Just make three rectangles and sleeves, sew and add elastic!
This post contains affiliate product links. I can get a small commission on purchases made through these links.
I use Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice in Fisherman, which looks great as a cozy winter cardigan.

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#Becky Cardigan Free Pattern

The Becky Cardigan is an oversized crochet cardigan made up of rectangles and fantastic piping! You will love this simple crochet cardigan pattern for women that comes in size and is adjustable so you can have a perfect crochet sweater!
Necessary materials:
Crochet Brava sports yarn. Testers have also had success with I Love This Yarn Sport from Hobby Lobby.
Crochet hook 5 mm high (or size for gauge)
Yarn needle
Fits to finished bust size: 30 (32, 36, 40, 44, 48, 52) ”
Finished bust measurement (all panel sizes combined): 39 (43, 47, 51, 55, 59, 63) ”
Back Panel Width: 21 (23, 25, 27, 29, 31, 33) ”
Bezel Width: 9 (10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15) ”
All panel lengths (up to edging): 25 (25, 25, 26, 26, 27, 27) ”

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#Tierra Stitchy Knit Hoodie Free Pattern

Hello! This template is available for free viewing on the blog from the link here on Ravelry.

You will also find an ad-free printable PDF available for purchase from my Etsy store. Thank!

With a variety of textures and chunky fabrics, this hooded sweatshirt is super warm and irreplaceable! The beginner-friendly design is suitable for knitters of all skill levels. As you sew this sweater, you will love navigating a variety of stitch patterns, including jersey, Irish moss and seed stitch. Get ready to snuggle up in your new comfy sweater!

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#Kennedy’s Colorful Styles Cardigan Free Pattern

You’ve heard of tribute bands, but have you ever heard of a knitting tribute pattern? … Now you have!
My niece has always been one of my biggest knitting supporters. She is super creative and always full of ideas. … And her last challenge was a real test!
I have about 2 whole pictures on the theme “Can you tie it?” text. This is my tribute version of the Harry Styles cardigan. I used worsted yarn, a few simple stitching patterns, and some experimental techniques.
The sweater was originally designed by J.W. Andersen, who turned out to have released the legal pattern here.

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#Pompeii Ribbed Button Cardigan Free Pattern

The Pompeii Cardigan is a large, crochet, button-down cardigan with a modern knit style! It features wide cuffs, slouchy sleeves, and an oversized, oversized silhouette. Ribbed crochet cardigan with a round neckline and oversized buttons for a casual, casual look.

The Pompeii cardigan is fully stitched with double crochets and slip loops – that’s it! We will combine these simple crochet stitches and most of the pattern will follow two different “base” rows.

A video tutorial is also included with this template.

The Pompeii cardigan also has a sweater – check out the Amalfi sweater here!

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Strata Sweater Crochet Pattern

With almost zero seams and very little increase or decrease, you can wrap yourself in a gentle gradient of neutral tones in this simple, very beginner-friendly cardigan.
Fringe adds a touch of southwestern feel and this cardigan drapes beautifully on its own or you can add buttons to make it a cocoon of subtle stripes.
The back, two fronts and the hood are knitted in one piece and the sleeves are crocheted around, so a very minimal seam is required to complete this project. The skills required included double crocheting and working around.
This is a cozy felt sweater that you will have as a staple in your handmade wardrobe!

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Little Maple Cardi Crochet Pattern

IMPORTANT: This pattern is available for free on my blog, but if you prefer to work from paper or if you want to support me as a designer, I have also made a ready-to-print PDF available for a small fee. This also comes in a printer-friendly version without images. The PDF version is available via Ravelry or on Etsy.

Do you not only love autumn? All trees change in color from light green to warm oranges, red and yellow. The weather (finally) is cooling down. All the glorious colors of the fallen leaves that decorate the moist soil <3 And do not forget the mosses that get rich and abundant and fungi appear randomly when the conditions are just right. Yes. I love autumn. This cardigan is for all Fall lovers out there who like to bring a little Fall in the room wherever they go <3

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Timber Shrug Crochet Pattern

One size fits most. Horizontal flat dimensions – 56 ”W x 26” L
Model size for reference – 5 ‘5 “, 33” bust
Instructions on how to adjust the width and length of the shaft.

Timber Shrug is an extremely oversized “felt-shaped” shoulder jerk. I love to carry mine while I cuddle on the couch and watch Netflix or style it with my favorite dress from Amazon. I decided to do against the “oversized” in this pattern, I would just write it in one size and give you all the instructions on how to adjust the length and width to fit your lifestyle and body!

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Star Kissed Cardigan Crochet Pattern

Welcome to my 4 week Star Kissed Cardigan CAL! Starts on 18 November 2019 with week one and ends on 9 December 2019 with week four. When CAL progresses, I will add each week to the pattern so that during week four you get the entire pattern.

I used Bernat Pop! for this cardigan, but feel free to replace the yarn. As long as your meter matches, you will do well. You need 3 – 7 cakes, depending on size.

With this cardigan you have a couple of options to adapt it to your wishes. The length of the cardigan is either waist length or hip length (or longer if you choose, but note that if you make it longer than the hip length, you will need more yarn). You can also make 3/4 sleeves or full sleeves.

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Dotty Cardigan Crochet Pattern

Knit this beautifully structured cardigan with bulky yarn and the lovely dot stitches! Dotty Cardigan is a thick cardigan that looks so stylish with its sophisticated length, ribbed collar and cozy pockets. This cardigan works very quickly and will look beautiful in layers over jeans, leggings, dresses and all your clothes!
Size size is listed below (check out the blog post for exact size and number of skeins required):
Bust: (48, 56, 64, 72) to fit the actual bust of (32-38, 40-46, 48-54, 56-62)
Length: (30, 30.5, 31, 31.5)
Armholes: (7, 8, 9, 10)

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Fredrika Cardigan Crochet Pattern

This cardigan is part of a capsule wardrobe designed by Sari Nordlund and consists of nine patterns that are perfectly compatible with each other. The capsule wardrobe concept was introduced in the UK in the 1970s and has recently regained popularity as fashion consumption is slowly shifting in a more sustainable direction.

The collection is called Oodi and each garment is named after a Finnish female author. Fredika Runeberg was a pioneer in Finnish historical fiction and one of the first female journalists in Finland.

XS (S) M (L) XL (XXL)

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Everyday Cotton Cardigan

This crocheted cardigan for adults can be worked simple and easy! Use only a few rectangles, some stitches and a cut! It’s a great project for those new to craft – great for an adventurous beginner. It has the perfect size and weight – not too thick, but soft, plush and warm.

The model includes the dimensions XS-3XL for women.

This is an easy level crochet pattern, and the techniques you will need to know are double crochet, double crochet, double front and back crochet, chain stitching and sliding stitching.

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Briar Pocket Cardigan

The Briar cardigan is slouchy, oversized, with wide sleeves and simple ribs. It’s the perfect crochet card for cold autumn days, as the relaxed fit allows you to wear piles of layers underneath! This design also has two handy dandy pockets that fit a large smartphone inside! Worked in half double, double, front and back, double crochet, the Briar Cardigan is a wonderful model of easy-to-crochet cardigan, which is great for first-time garment manufacturers!

This pattern is accompanied by a video tutorial: easy_smile_face:

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Samhradh Cardigan

Learn to crochet this quick and easy crochet textured cardigan. The Samhradh [sow-ra] cardigan is the perfect oversized crochet cardigan. It is light, airy and full of texture, making it perfect for wearing in any season.

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Mid Summer Cardigan

The Mid Summer cardigan is light, long and thin. Perfect for a day at the beach as a cover or for comfort on the couch. This easy-to-wear cardigan runs effortlessly with side and back slits. The 3/4 sleeves offer overwhelming coverage. It is so versatile. I can throw it in the pool or over my leggings in the morning and I feel dressed!

Bust size: 30 ”(XS), 34” (S), 38 ”(M), 42” (L), 46 ”(XL), 50” (2X), 54 ”(3X), 58” (4X) .62 ”(5X).
Length: 31 ”(XS), 32.25” (S), 33.5 ”(M), 34.75” (L), 36 ”(XL), 39.5” (2X), 41 ”(3X ), 43.5 ”(4X), 44.5” (5X)

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The Waverly Hooded Cardigan

The Waverly hooded cardigan is the perfect summer brand. Its classic look will definitely become a wardrobe base. Made using basic crochet stitches to create beautiful textures, it is perfect for the intermediate level crochet hook. The model is written for the XS-5X women’s dimensions.

To make a Waveryly you will need:
• 1373-2412 meters Lion Brand ZZ Twist in Taupe
• Crochet hook size H (5.00 mm)
• Upholstery needle
• Measuring tape or ruler

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Cable Hoodie

Casual yet pretty hooded pullover worked in Novita 7 Veljestä (7 Brothers). The pullover has slits on both sides and a kangaroo pocket in front.
Bust: 76[84:92:100:110:120] cm
Length: 67[69:71:73:75:77] cm
Inner length of the sleeve: 45[46:47:48:48:49] cm
Novita 7 Veljestä, 650[700:750:800:850:900] g
Shown in 307 bean

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Little Sweater

A sweet little summer sweater with easy rectangular construction and garter stitch ridges for visual interest and texture. This pattern is the perfect light cardigan to toss on over a sundress, swimsuit, or summer blouse.

Pattern includes sizes XS-3XL womens.

This is an easy level knitting pattern, and the techniques you will need to know are cast on, knit, purl, seaming pieces, and casting off.

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Seafoam Cardigan

This breezy, lightweight cardigan is perfect for summer! It’s an easy, beginner-friendly project you can make today, from just two crocheted rectangles. If you’ve never crocheted a garment before, this is the perfect place to start!

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Summer Daze Cardigan

The Summer Daze Cardigan is a light-weight, sleeveless cardigan perfect for the warmer months!
Pattern is written in 9 sizes (kids ages 2-10, adult xsmall- 2xl) but can be easily adjusted for ANY size! Cardigan can be made longer/shorter, wider/more narrow, add fringe or side slits! Pattern can easily be made unique to you!

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