Stylish and Cute Crochet Top Pattern Ideas for Summer!

#Timelines Tee Free Pattern

Socks, scarves, rugs: these are all popular crochet items, but any seasoned knitter knows it’s only a matter of time before these patterns get bored. If that sounds like you, you’ll be glad to know that there is another popular crochet type: the top! Even if you’re not someone who knows about crochet hooks, you can still make the top out of yarn. In this article, we’ll take a look at the different types of crochet patterns available, as well as the tools you’ll need to set yourself up for success.

This T-shirt is knitted with a flat knit that forms the neckline and enlarges the raglan seams. Then the body is connected to knit in a circle and continue to increase. After separating the sleeves and the body, the buttonholes of the sleeves are laid aside, and the body is knitted even with a Stokinette stitch. Do you want to make amigurumi? I will share these patterns for free for you very soon. All crochet pattern.

The bottom is adorned with a pair of Seed Stitch stripes for a modern look. Sleeves are picked up and knitted in a circle, closing without elastic. The sleeves are expected to be rolled up and a small button added to the top of the sleeves for decoration only. If you prefer not to have a rolled up sleeve with a button, you can add an elastic of your choice.

Keep in mind that if you want to add a seed stitch border to the sleeve to match the bottom, reduce 1 stitch before starting as the seed stitch requires an odd number of stitches in a circle. The neckline is left without any modifications, however, if desired, a minimal cutout can be added. The swatch has been knitted at 60 rows per color, you can change the color as you wish, or even knit with a solid color! This is a blank canvas to have fun with !!

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