Amazing Free Starwars BB-8 Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

With the recent release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, I could not resist celebrating this event by launching (another) new project. BB-8, our brave mate-droid! I have not seen the movie yet (without a spoiler!), But I’m curious how everyone I’ve heard told you he’s just great.

Although there are many great models of Amigurumi BB-8, most are suitable for small versions of Kawaii or for large three-dimensional versions. What I was up to was something similar to my other rugdoll patterns that you can easily add to your decor in the form of a decorative pillow, a hug or something that can be hung like a wall mat on the wall! Although the flat BB-8 seems a bit illogical, there are many ways to use this template! Maybe the Superbrave of you could even use a pattern to put it in a knit sweater for a custom swag of Star Wars! Although the finished object is 2-D, the paint job creates the illusion that it’s really round and 3-D. That’s pretty neat (if I say that)!

In my first draft design, the BB-8 was completely edited, so there were only two panels. front and back. But after I finished the first panel, I was not completely satisfied. I felt there should be a clearer difference between his body and his head (dome?). So I changed it and painted a little differently. In the final version, I decided to make his head and body as two separate parts. This means that the number of body parts has increased to four (plus four for antennas). It also means that the template is a bit harder to assemble, but I think it’s worth it.

Click Here for PATTERN