Cool and Free Crochet Amigurumi Fox Pattern Design Ideas

Get ready for the autumn and forest theme craft! Please meet Mr. Furu, Fox Amigurumi, the latest version of the Amigurumi crochet pattern in the Craft Passion Library.

Mr. Furu, Lisa Amigurumi is about 10 inches tall. It was crocheted with a 3.5 mm hook in the color of orange, white and black acrylic threads. Unlike the conventional Amigurumi crochet method, the Amigurumi-Fuchs pattern requires splitting a single crochet stitch. Some may know it as a “crochet mesh” or “western mesh” in which the hook is inserted between the legs of the next stitch. If you use the split single crochet stitch in this template, the color remains vertical throughout the cycle. (Warnings: Please do not try to knit with ordinary single crochet (US conditions), it will not work in the right proportions in size, shape and color).

Click Here for PATTERN