Cute and Easy Stylish Sweater Crochet Patterns

Sweater soorange Crochet Pattern

When I first started crocheting, I just knew I could never make anything that looked like a sweater. It seemed so difficult and painstakingly long. Imagine my surprise when I realized that it was really simple! There are many simple yet beautiful patterns for crocheting sweaters. This list is just a fraction of what you will find.

** My instruction that has been pressed most frequently on blog, Rowlery and Pinterest is that of the large size # Al Pink wool sweater with the large balloon sleeves. The article and instructions are already two years old, but I think you can definitely not know from the design, because the loose cut looks so timeless – and your comments confirm it! Since I really like this cut and have been thinking about a similar variant for a long time – this time without a mohair thread – the late summer sweater was created. If you will, the #soorange cotton sweater is a patrick for the #allpink mohair sweater.

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