Free Amigurumi Lovely Monster Crochet Pattern Design!

Hello friends!

Do you know about love monsters? They are incredibly cute and loving! And with Valentine’s Day coming, “Love Monster” is also a fun little way to show love for a little friend or family member! Exactly the right amount of quirks, blurriness and pleasantness!

This is one of two love monsters I created (you can find the other one here!). They are very different, but they are the best kidneys! I can not wait to give these little boys for Valentine’s Day my nieces.

As usual, this template is created in the same style as my Ragdoll templates. the items were assembled in flat rows to give them a unique two-dimensional look. Love Monster consists of 14 parts, so much is needed when sewing and assembling. This pattern also includes a tapestry (or marquetry) crochet technique and, as previously mentioned, has many color patterns.

The finished dimension is approximately 28 cm from the top of the antennas to the bottom.

I recommend that you read everything carefully before you start, especially if you do not have much experience with a tapestry hook.

Click Here for PATTERN