Free Amigurumi Otter Family Crochet Pattern Design Idea

Mother’s Day is approaching on Sunday, May 13 (and Father’s Day is just around the corner!). In this sense, I wanted to come up with something that reflects the peculiarity of the day, and I think that this little otter family meets all the requirements so well! Have you ever seen photos of a sea otter mother embracing her fluffy little otter as they swim along it? This is one of the cutest manifestations of parental affection for a child in the animal kingdom. In addition, otters often hold their paws together while taking a nap to prevent them from moving apart, making them possibly the most painful, most affluent beings in the area.

I wanted my otters to hold their paws (and hug a small otter!). So I put magnets in their paws and I like the result!Click Here for Pattern