Glamour and Cute Shawl and Wrap Crochet Patterns for Women

#Pride Shawl Free Pattern

Crochet shawl is perfect for any season. An openwork shawl can be the perfect cover for a swimsuit in summer, and an oversized shawl will keep your neck warm even on the coldest days of winter. There are many different ways to crochet a shawl, including different shapes such as triangle shawls and rectangular shawls. These 10 free crochet scarf patterns will help you learn all the ways to keep warm with wraps.

The Pride Shawl is a boomerang shaped garter stitch shawl, with three colors that stripe into each other to create an exuberant statement. The choice and placement of the colors creates the mood of the shawl, ranging from subtle to electric. The sample was knitted with three different color skeins of Neighborhood Fiber Co. Studio Sock yarn, but feel free to experiment!

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