Glamour and Cute Shawl and Wrap Crochet Patterns for Women

#Pride Shawl Free Pattern

The Pride Shawl is a boomerang shaped garter stitch shawl, with three colors that stripe into each other to create an exuberant statement. The choice and placement of the colors creates the mood of the shawl, ranging from subtle to electric. The sample was knitted with three different color skeins of Neighborhood Fiber Co. Studio Sock yarn, but feel free to experiment!

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#Kat’s Runic Shawl Free Pattern

This is Kat’s rune shawl. It was designed in honor of my friend Kat, who has always supported me. She is Greek and she told me that the lace reminded her of Greek runes, and so the name of this gorgeous shawl was born!

The shawl is knitted over the slanting fabric, forming an asymmetric triangle shawl. The design consists of a checkerboard texture section made with a combination of barrier and double seed stitches, a lace and garter stitch section.

The shawl alternates between 3 colors to create a flowing garment.

I used Lion Brand Cobblestone yarn to create my shawl pattern. This yarn is a medium density yarn of 4 arana / worsted. This yarn is now discontinued, but if you can get your hands on it it is worth using it because it creates a great warming up effect. However, this shawl looks great in any yarn with a weight of 4.

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#Lenox Knit Shawl Free Pattern

I am immensely pleased to present to you the Lenox Knit Shawl Free Pattern, part of a set of knitted and crocheted double-set patterns. Lenox Knit Shawl Free Pattern is a fun, rhythmic asymmetrical shawl that grows and grows with every row and with every stitch. The Lenox Free Pattern Knit Shawl is great for beginners looking to learn how to work with a braid, and has a simple, beginner-friendly lace panel.

The Lenox Free Pattern Knit Shawl is part of the crochet and knit kit, so you can do one or both if you like! Navigate to the free Lenox Shawl Crochet Pattern here.

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#Chloe Tapestry Shawlette Free Pattern

Playful, energetic, full of life and flamboyant. Chloe is all this and more. This triangular shawl quickly forms alternating rows with a simple texture formed with beans and seashells.

Texture and color reminiscent of a beautiful day at the beach. Waves splash against the shore. Your favorite drink in hand. Intense shades of blue skies and turquoise oceans are relaxing, inspiring and inspiring. You breathe in the salty air and you know that anything is possible!

Just as the waves roll onto the shore incessantly, it is a relaxing, repeating pattern that is easy to change. Want a bigger shawl? Just work more reps! Change the colors as you wish.

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#Lantana Free Pattern

This design was a result of playing with texture, stripes and increases. Sometimes playing around can lead to fun design ideas, and here the designer has played with an interesting way of hiding the increases in the pattern. In the end all the stripes, texture and form play together to create wonderful harmony.

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#Eucalyptus Free Pattern

A lace pattern intersected with stripes of a different texture and colour make Eucalyptus a fun knit, but also exciting for the eye to look at, as you unconsciously try to reassemble the pattern. Eucalyptus is a lovely spring shawl, which is large enough to be worn draped over the shoulders in the traditional way, but also small enough to be wrapped around your neck as a decorative accessory that compliments your outfit of the day.

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Summer Nights Shawl Crochet Pattern

If you’re looking for a scarf / crochet pattern for summer this is it! Read on to learn more about the lightweight crochet scarf!

The summer nights scarf is a lightweight knitted piece that is perfect for a cool evening or when you need a touch of warmth. If you’re looking for an excellent crochet transition piece for the cooler temps this is it!

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All Nighter Crochet Pattern

We love a good and immediate satisfaction project. Especially when it is knitted with a wonderfully soft and amazing thread.

Stay home and snip a million of these bad kids, boom! Ready for any opportunity to give a gift or a quick change of clothes (sometimes something fresh around the neck can put on a dull coat).

Keren designed it for us with 2 bits of Emma Bodacious Bulky yarn but you can easily add 3 or 4 knitting for a huge pleasant wrap, the pattern is easy to adjust, just keep rehearsing up to the desired size. You can even strip it or add border color.

You can also knit it in a lighter weight yarn. Use a needle the size of 2 sizes larger than the thread requires (size 4 in the US for lace weight, 6 for sock weight, 8 for D. and ten for compassion .. etc.), You will need more yard but 2,100 grams of studs should suffice. The desired size.

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Geometric Grid Shawl Crochet Pattern

Delicate stripes bring out an interesting geometric mesh pattern on this scarf. With a light open stitch design, you can sew a basic crochet, one crochet and a necklace to complete a very wearable style layer for any season. You will love how easy it is to achieve the colorful effect in the self-striped quality of Caron Skinny Cakes. We used a neutral palette, but a version with more pop can be created by choosing a lighter shade of yarn. This is a perfect gift to surprise Urban Fashion.

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Blank Space Shawl Crochet Pattern

The empty space scarf combines the intense colors of Stroll Gradient with Stroll Bare fingers to create stunning fading without all the annoying edges. Processed from the short end, the two threads are striped and create a bold and fun pattern.
The sample uses Stroll Gradient in Multiverse.
You will need about 450 meters of each color. I used one Stroll Gradient cake and one Stroll Bare back. You can also give your favorite sock thread.

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The Fringy Crochet Pattern

This scarf was designed as a quick and fun knit that can be worn on cooler nights in the spring and fall, while providing a great transition piece to wear in the winter months. Made of cotton, this scarf is the perfect option for people with wool sensitivity. Whether you make it in fun colorful pop, or choose to make a neutral version, this scarf is sure to be the next knit of your favorite weekends!

Plymouth ‘forget me no
7 stripes = 952.0 meters (870.5 meters), 700 grams

Needles and concepts
Round needle 15 “(10mm) on 40” cable
Carpet needle
Mark seams
Knitted hook (optional for connecting edges)

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Turkish Stitch Shawl Crochet Pattern

If you have never tried the Turkish stitch, this is a delightful technique to discover on the cozy three-dimensional crochet scarf. Make a chain stitch, double crochet and three double back knitting needles to achieve the depth look that defines this stunning wrap. You just need a multi-shaded red heart thread with this melange to bring out the dimensional effect of the pattern. It is attractive, fascinating and the perfect gift for any fashionista.

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