New Cute Crochet Bikini Pattern Images for new Summer

#Sea Mist Bikini Top Free Pattern

Inspired by the scent of the sea, I created this simple pattern. Inhaling sea mist brings about a sort of tranquility that you can only get from that salty air. There’s no feeling quite like it. The sea is healing. It’s the heartbeat of the earth and when it touches you, you know you are alive.

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#Afrodita crochet bikini top Free Pattern

At this video I am showing you how to make the Afrodita crochet bikini top! The size I am crocheting is a small-medium size. That means that it is a regular B cup or a small C cup BUT you can modify the size easily! The majority of the rows require a repetition of specific group of stitches so by adding more re petitions you can make it bigger or smaller. Once you make some rows you will see what I am talking about!

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#The Lolita bikini top Free Pattern

At this video you will find the pattern tutorial of the Lolita wrap around bikini top! The size I am showing to you the Small size, but the written instructions at the bottom of the video, you will find in the parenthesis the changes you have to make for the sizes Medium and Large!
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Happy crocheting!

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#Sassy Summer Bikini Free Pattern

-You can make this bikini any size just by continuing or stopping your increases and making the straps/strings longer or shorter.
–To see the measurements, watch the intro of the video tutorial at 7 minutes in to the video.
-You can use any colors you want. I used a cotton blend yarn, Size 4 Medium Yarn but you can use any Double Knitting Yarn or any Aran Yarn as well. I highly recommend using a cotton yarn or cotton blend yarn.
-This bikini took me 2 days to make.
-Ch 3 at the beginning of a row counts as a stitch unless otherwise specified (See video tutorial for explanation)
-TIP: Maybe adding a single crochet around the entire bottom will give it a better shape and more form fitting.

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#Bikini “Vis Island” Free Pattern

It has officially existed since July 5, 1946, when the French tailor Louis Réard created it giving it the name of the Bikini Atoll, although women were already wearing two-piece swimsuits before this date.

Over the decades it has changed shapes, sizes and styles, but it has never gone out of fashion, because it is beautiful to look at and to wear and above all much more practical than the one-piece swimsuit!

This year then the 70s crochet bikini returns (those like me who were a child in those years have certainly had one made by their mother or grandmother). So I couldn’t resist the temptation and I wanted to make one too, drawing inspiration from the colors that I still have in my eyes and heart from my vacation last year in Croatia.

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#Motificat Free Pattern

Crochetology exercise – given the square motif and trim below, make an article of clothing. My project is a pair of boyshorts and a bra top to be used for swimming.

The challenge here is first to make a half version of the motif. The next challenge is to determine the layout of the motifs to make the shape of the intended size particularly for the bra top.

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